Wall Posters

These are the last of my poster collection from the 70's, 80's and 90's going up for grabs. There are some real gems amongst them Like most of my collection, these posters were used in shops and none are perfect and have been in storage, moved around as I moved and although I have tried to take great care, none are without some slight damage on the edges. Some have creases or small marks or tears that will be listed in the description. The timber, plastic or clips you can see were just to hold them flat to photograph as they have been stored rolled up in bundles. For most of the listings, I have only one. I am not giving them away, so if you want them to add to your collection or dress up your workshop or retro display, the price is the price. If you don't like the price, please keep it to yourself. Conditions: Good - Some expected minor marking or edge damage. Fair - Some creasing or other damage. Poor - Minor damage including small tears, corner damage. Specific - Noticeable damage, specified in Item Description.

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